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~Keep scrolling for some Hetalia~

*CAUTION!* I have some NSFW stuff on here! No porn, just sexy men :iconaussielovesyouplz:




Magic Tricks by Butterfingas
Magic Tricks
I don't like My Little Pony anymore, but my friend :iconmrs89fluffy: has been colouring 505049389340 of :iconkilala97: pony picture so I thought why not.

I do not own the line art, the line art belongs to :iconkilala97: I just coloured it.    

Also go check out :iconmrs89fluffy: and her colourings of Kilala's work as well! :)
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~Elias’ Point Of View~

I awoke with a sleepy start. The sun was just beginning to make its appearance over the Eastern hills, signalling dawn. I let out a drowsy yawn, rubbing my freshly awoken eyes. There was no time to sleep in today as there was much work to do. Trouble was brewing in the West.

They resented me as their King, wanting to break off from my Kingdom with their own form of rules and governing. The loss of land would be a catastrophic stab to my country’s coin purse, so I had to do everything in my power to prevent this from happening.
All headache-worthy stuff really. My father made it look so easy.

I sat up, my bed-hair flopping lazily over my forehead. I clasp the hair in my palms and scratch my scalp in an attempt to flatten the blonde mess upon my head. I notice _____ still sound asleep next to my slouched frame, her hair flowing around her as rays do from the sun. She had had such a rough night; I sure hope she is feeling better now. I didn’t like to see her in such distress. I reach to touch the kink in her delicate hair, before curling my fingers away and sighing.

I stared at her for a moment longer, before quietly climbing out of my bed with a silent stretch. I changed into my day uniform in the privacy of my changing curtain, ready just before the sun had fully climbed over the Eastern hills.

I couldn’t help but steal another glance at the snoozing mystery in my bed as I fixed my cuffs. I watched her chest rise and fall under the soft sheets with each sleeping breath. She had an unpleasant frown tugged upon her brow that crinkled her forehead. Her lips were pursed and her cheeks sunken, as if she was having an undesirable dream. I took a soft step towards her, brushing the hair from her face with my pale fingers. Leaning down, I grazed my lips along her hard forehead. She mumbled sleepy nothings, the frown from her face dropping and her lips curling into a sleeping smile. I nibbled my lip and smiled back down at her.

The skin contact left my lips tingling and sensitive, a slight pleasurable feeling that sent strange chills to my gut. I sighed and closed my eyes, trying to ignore the desire within to touch her again. To graze my lips down her jaw... to feel her warm fingers entangled within my cold ones. I breathed out with a slight growl, mentally shaking these thoughts from my mind.
I scribbled down a note with my apologies for my absence for the day, placing it neatly on her bedside table, and then wordlessly left the room.

~Reader Point Of View~

You stirred from your sleep, thrashing around with a grumble. The sun was high in the sky at this point, its rays shining through the large windows and illuminating the room unpleasantly bright. It hurt your sleepy eyes. The room was stiflingly warm and the thin material of your night gown clung to your body like a second skin, forcing you to tug at the fabric irritably. You buried your face into your pillow, mumbling curse words to yourself. You felt the signs of a headache begin to creepy past your temples towards your forehead. Like hundreds of little soldiers making camp within your skull. contempt

You tiredly flicked away a bead of sweat from your face, a sigh of frustration flaring your nostrils as you remembered the events that took place last night. You tensed, tilting your head towards the bed space next to you, only to see an ocean of empty silk sheets. You pursed your lips tightly as you lifted yourself to sit up in bed, crossing your legs and leaning up against the large headboard, your chin lifted, eyes closed.

You were embarrassed about your sloppy actions last night. You knew Elias knew you couldn’t help it. He knew about your crippling anxiety, and he treated you so well, but you wanted him to feel like you at least had some control over yourself. You let out a displeased sigh, clasping the untrained hairs from your forehead, trying to brush the irritating hairs from your skin. You felt utterly pathetic; a small, weak mess of a woman.

A white gleam caught your eye on your bedside table. It was a neatly folded piece of paper, with your name elegantly written on the top. You stared at the paper for a moment, twiddling your thumbs. Why did you feel so nervous reading a piece of paper?

With a sharp intake of breath, you took the piece of paper, shakily running the tips of your finger over the razor thin edges. You let out a hiss as the paper sliced through your skin, making an unwanted escape route for your blood. You licked your finger, the taste of copper so early in the morning causing your face to twitch in disgust.

Wrapping some cloth around your finger that you had found in the bedside table drawers, you applied pressure to the wound to stop the painful bleeding. Your Grandmother had taught you that when you were a child as blood would always leave your body with your clumsy falls. The pressure would stop the bleeding, but the absence of loving maternal hugs would cause your young tears to persist.

You felt a wave of sadness overtake your body at the thought of your neglecting Grandmother. You unfolded the delicate paper, slightly impressed by the graceful ink-written note. You read it with a small smile tugged upon your lips. King Elias had taken time out of his morning to write you this apology letter that he could not train with you today. He cared enough to do this for you, even when there was no need for him to do so. He was the King after all. He had King stuff to attend to, he didn’t need to apologize for it.

You felt your belly warm up with contentment as you gently folded the letter back up, placing it back on the bedside table. The King had told you to make yourself at home, which you though close to impossible. How were you supposed to act homely in a colossal castle that’s littered with mean-looking guards? You rubbed your temples, your anxiety yet again getting to you.

I will be okay you sighed to yourself. Maybe you could go practice a bit out in the courtyard? Yes, that’s what you will do.

You took your time getting dressed, beginning to like the late morning sun that seeped through the bedroom window upon your cheeks. You knew you shouldn’t bother, but you couldn’t help but run your fingers through your hair, trying to tame it to a presentable look. You looked at yourself in the over-sized mirror, not feeling pretty. You looked like a tired, stressed mess. This didn’t help your irritated mood at all.

With yet another sigh, you left the bedroom. You snuck past the dining room, too ashamed to confront Prince Andrew after your disgraceful incident the night before. You walked down the spacious corridor, eyeing the guards at the end that stood at the door to the courtyard. They had puffed out chests, their faces graced with a stern look. They didn’t look too happy... what if they don’t allow you to pass?

You twiddled your thumbs as you walked closer to the door, feeling small and unimportant compared to the colossal doors and men. The door was huge; how were you supposed to open it anyway? You were going to embarrassed yourself in front of the guards! You let out a small whimper, feeling the beginning of a panic attack begin to take place. With each step an unsettling mixture of fear and humiliation rose in your gut, making your throat thick and sore. Each swallow was pure torture.

Suddenly, without a turn of a head to regard you, the guards stepped forwards in unison. With each guard gripping the handles, the door swung open before you, presenting the warm courtyard outside, the sunlight pouring within the open frame. You stood in the doorway for a moment, eyeing each guard in awe. One guard turned to you, his once pursed lips pulling into a gentle smile, his hand gesturing you to pass.

“Oh! Thank you,” you stuttered, returning a shy smile to the guard. You stepped outside, a weird feeling pressing into your gut. You felt proud, important, and somewhat in charge. It felt great! You felt a burst of confidence arise within you.

You stood in the center of the courtyard, silently practicing your breathing techniques. You moved your hands in and out with your rising and falling chest, a smile painted upon your lips. You did this for a good 30 minutes. You felt so good inside. So content, like you could do... anything. This mix of confidence and contentment made a weird brew of emotions within you, its steam fogging your thoughts far from clear.

You hesitantly brought your gloved hand to your face, flexing your metal dressed fingers. You stared at them for a solid minute, your confidence rising and falling, your breathing rising from exasperated and within a second falling back down to calm.

Suddenly, without any second thought, you scrunched up your face, your teeth dragging past your bottom lip. Your thumb hooked under your glove and in one slip, your glove was removed, your hand vulnerable and exposed. Second thoughts began to attack your mind, your breathing losing control. Your face turned in fear, yet you did not give in.

You allowed your titanium glove to fall heavily to the floor, the chink of metal and singing birds the only sounds now to grace your ears. Your hand shook feebly, your whole arm becoming numb with fear. You clenched your teeth, a gentle growl bubbling in your throat as you began to twirl your fingers, the heat rising within your palm. You tried with everything to keep your breath regular, remembering Elias’ calm voice within your mind. His gentle voice, though imagined, calmed your heart beat ever so slightly.

Hold your breath in your gut for 2 clicks of a finger, then release

A flame roared to life in your palm. Your hair curled into long whisps of scarlet, your eyes glowing an unstoppable orange. Your arm almost dropped in fright, but a cold hand was suddenly upon your elbow, guiding your hand back into view. You gasped and tilted your head towards the cold breath that grazed your neck. That familiar pale face was so close to yours, his electric ice eyes looking so firm but yet warm.

“Breathe,” he spoke, his cool breath brushing past your cheeks. You pursed your lips with a nod, turning back to the fire that was growing within your palm. The King’s torso was pressed against your back, his fingers grazed your forearm, every inch of skin he touched left tingling. With his chin rested upon your shoulder, his pale fingers left your arm. He opened his palm next to yours, a cold whisp of ice and snow forming in the center of his creamy pink hand.  Your palms touched, your skin twitching and tingling in pleasure. You weren’t sure if Elias could feel it, but you sure as hell did.

The fire and ice were immediately attracted to each other as they danced into a beautiful palm-sized tornado of purple energy. It glowed brightly, the energy radiating from your palms speeding up your heart within your chest.

“Woah,” you breathed, stealing a glance back at the pale man that pressed against you. The bright colour illuminating his dimpled cheeks. You could see your own orange eyes reflected in his own as your line of sight connected. The combined energy of the two of you made your entire body tingle, causing you to bite your lip as slight pleasure numbed your lower stomach. The King chuckled as you glanced back at the purple energy in your palm. Letting out a graceful sigh, he retracted his palm with a flick, the ice whisp disappearing from his palm. He nodded at you to copy.

You hesitated for a moment, but the feeling of the King behind you made you feel content. You flexed your fingers and flicked your wrist just as Elias did, but your outcome was just a bit different.

You stumbled backwards and the flame grew and spewed from your palm. Elias caught you quickly, his smile falling from his pale face, his strong features casting shadows upon his godly face as your flame grew.

“_____, you need to stay calm. This is okay,” he ordered. “You will feel weak. Do not be afraid.”  Your knees began to wobble, overpowering weakness taking over your body limb by limb. You collapsed to the floor, your knees taking the full blow. Elias kneeled with you, watching the fire as it grew.

“Do not move your palm. Breathe!” he commanded in a bark. You were terrified as the fire began to take strange shapes. Elias reached for your glove but hesitated, watching your fire take eccentric shapes. Elias clasped your shoulder, his squeeze giving you courage.

“Do not be afraid, _____,” he encouraged.

You felt all your energy leave your body in one go. You leaned back into Elias with a whimper, your eyelids fluttering. You felt the heat before your body slow to a stop; the sound of roaring flames dying to silence. You moaned with exhaustion, struggling to open your eyes. You heard Elias laugh from above you.

You breathed heavily, opening your eyes to what you thought was the blinding sun. You used your gloved hand as shelter for your eyes from the sun, waiting for your pupils to adjust to the light. Your scarlet hair let down gently to its normal shape, but remained to glow a deathly red. As your orange eyes adjusted, each muscle working to take in the incredible image before you.

A small sparrow, completely engulfed in flames hovered above you, his tiny beak opening with each little song. You let out a gasp as the bird flew closer to your face, its red eyes boring into yours. The small bird was completely shaped from whisping flames, its small wingspan curling with the hundreds of shades of red. It was moving, pulsating heat-energy above your eyes, it’s little wings flapping without effort, small whisps of fire falling from its moving limbs.

What was this? Had you created this?

You stayed deadly quiet, raising a finger above your fallen frame to the flaming bird, allowing a place for the small engulfed critter to rest. The little bird landed on your finger, whisps of flames spreading from its wings. The bird's little flame claws wrapped around your pointed extremity. It tilted its head and looked at you with a little cheep.

“Watch this,” Elias whispered. He made a ball with his hand, twirling his fingers around and around, creating energy within his palm. Without much effort at all, a small blue bird took off from his palm, snow falling from its ice wings with each swoop.

Your lips wobbled into a smile. With tears brimming within your eyes you let out a laugh as your little fire bird took off from your shaky finger, accompanied by a little icy buddy. You watched, leaning against Elias as the ice and fire bird flew out of reach together, your creation doing a little flip as it went. Elias joined in the on the contempt laughter, the two of you sitting in each other’s arms for the moment being.

“I-I did it?! I can’t believe I...” you trailed off, staring at your ungloved hand. You flicked your wrist, a small sprout of flames coming to life. Your scarlet hair burst into life again, a strand of fire licking Elias’ cheek as he was not prepared to dodge your untamed mane. The King hissed releasing you slightly to apply his cold fingers to the wound.

“Oh I’m-“ you whispered with concern. You flicked your wrist again as you turned to face the King, the flames descending into nothing.

“Shh, you apologize too much!” he chuckled, releasing his fingers from his dimpled cheeks. A painful red line seared through his cheek. You wanted to touch his cheek and apologize, but that would just end up with a bigger mess.

“I am proud of you,” Elias spoke up, gradually rising from his kneel. He took your gloved hand in his and helped you to a wobbly stand. Your orange eyes dropped your wrist, flicking the flames on and off. You swallowed, your mouth dry from being open for such a long period of time, and glanced up at Elias. Your chest fell as you let out a sigh, a fat tear escaping your lid and tattooing your cheek with a wet stream. You quickly wiped it away and tried to smile again, but your twitching lips prevented you from doing so.

You didn’t know how to feel.

Elias did though. His smile was large, his lips pulled over his teeth into a large smile. His eyes were warm as he brushed a piece of stray scarlet hair from your cheeks, making sure that it was not alight. His skin came in contact with yours, leaving you sensitive and tingly yet again. It felt so pleasurable when he touched you, and you couldn’t conceal the gentle flare of your nostrils.

“I’m not burning anything!” you continued, staring at your palm again. “I am controlling my flame! I am... I am in control.” You didn’t know what came over you next. You were so blinded with happiness that you couldn’t stop yourself. You jumped up and wrapped your bare arms around the King’s exposed neck in a hug, your cheek pressing against his cold one.

The two of you only held this position for a brief moment before the pleasure hit you hard. You curled yourself away and stumbled backwards, your breath hitching in your throat. You dared to make eye contact with the King; what you saw frightened you. He looked mad.

“______, you need to remember that I am your King. Do not touch me like that again, do you understand?” he spoke, his voice powerful and nose curled in anger, but you could make out the slight wobble within his words You sunk back into yourself, terrified by his new tone of voice. Oh its funny how the mood could change so quickly.

“I’m sorry,” you whimpered. “I-“

The King turned from you quickly, taking large strides from your trembling body. The stern guards opened the door without breaking their firm stare into nothing, allowing Elias to disappear from your sight.

He left you alone in the courtyard.

Alone. Nobody to comfort you. Nobody to reassure you that you are safe from yourself. He knew damn well you needed that and he still left you. You curled your face through the tears, feeling your hair beginning to flare again. Without any second thought, you grabbed your glove, slipping it over your exposed hand.

King Elias left you unsettled and humiliated as you dragged yourself back into the castle. Too afraid to eat a very late breakfast, you slumped back into your assigned chambers, breathing a word to nobody. Your stomach growled impatiently to be pleased with food, but the worry bet that feeling in a fist fight, anxiety taking complete control over your body.

You were a nervous wreck.

~Elias Point Of View~

Oh God did he feel like shit. He didn’t want to leave the girl, but he had to.

He had to...

He had to leave quickly; he couldn’t let her see his blush. The fear in his eyes. The worry, the concern, anything that may come across as weak.

He was the God damn King!

He couldn’t let her know the pleasure he got from her when they touched.

No! Stop it Elias! You are the King!

He couldn’t let her know how much he wanted to be with her, to touch her, to taste her.

He couldn’t let her know about how much he wanted to explore the young fire girl.
Male!Elsa x Reader - On The Same Level (Part 5)
I AM SO SORRY I TOOK SO LONG TO WRITE THIS! Thank you for being so patient I love all of you so much!

I do not own the cover art or the movie "Frozen"

Cover Art belongs to -


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