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August 12, 2013
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~Warning! Very mild swearing and violence!~

You watched as the wet puddles rippled under your feet, the cold drops of rain tickling your nose. You yanked your scarf up over your icy nose and let out a sigh, your warm breath catching in the soft fabric and warming up your cheeks. You didn’t mind walking home in the cold, and you did it almost every day, just as long as you had your trusty iPod. You pushed the little headphone buds into your ears, the loud slur of music filling your mind.

You hummed along with the beat, a small smile painted your lips. Your surroundings seem to blur as you twisted your body with the rhythm, not care if anyone saw your seizure like dance moves. You were breaking one of the most important rules of young girl walking home in the dark- never be distracted.

Your Mother and Father had taught you all about being savvy. They didn’t like you walking home alone so late, but there was no other choice since they couldn’t pick you up. To be honest, you actually liked this small amount of time to yourself. It let you embrace out your inner goofy self, and not to mention practice your singing.

A sudden flood of bright lights lit up your dark path, interrupting your loud singing. You blinked at the light that seeped past your dark figure on the road below, waiting for the car to pass. 5 seconds. 10 seconds. You frowned and speed up your walking, a strange tingling sensation twirling in your gut. Maybe the guy was driving slowly because of the rain? It was nothing to worry about.

You tried to resume your loud singing, clicking your fingers with each beat, but even your loud music could still not distract you from the bright beam of headlights on your back. You frowned and pursed your lips, whipping around quickly to get a glimpse at this suspicious car.

Nothing but bright white blurred your vision, making your eyes ache. You blinked and turned back around slowly, your fast walk now evolving into an awkward trot. Why was this car taking so long to pass? Was someone following you?

You gulped at your own thoughts, your instincts getting your body ready to run. You could already feel your pulse increasing by the second. As the song faded out to nothing in your ears, the nearby cracking of pebbles startled you. Okay, this car defiantly is following you. You sucked in a deep breath, ready to run.


A strong arm wrapped around your collarbone, causing you to flinch and stop in your tracks. The strong stench of cigarettes and alcohol twirled around your nostrils. Your breathing quickened dramatically, your lungs working overtime as the stranger neared the silver gun closer to your head.

“Don’t move babe,” a deep voice hissed behind you, “I don’t want to ruin that pretty face of yours.”

The stranger tapped the barrel of the gun against your skull, causing an electric shiver to travel down your spine. You whimpered slightly as he placed his pointy chin down heavily on your shoulder, snuggling up to your scarf.

“Mm, Oliver has a great choice in chicks,” he chuckled. “You hungry?”

You shook your head slowly, your lips beginning to tremble.

“Too bad, you’re going to eat.”

And with that, he wrapped his arm tightly around your neck, roughly squeezing your windpipe shut. You choked and gasped frantically for air as the stranger dragged you towards the bright beam of lights. You tried to scream, but the short supply of air starved your lungs and you just managed to choke out a whimper.

“Stop fighting, you lil bitch!” the stranger growled. You kicked violently, your teeth latching onto his tanned skin. He let out a pained hiss as you sunk your pearly whites into his soft flesh. He grabbed the two ends of your scarf, pulling the fabric tightly around your tender neck. You couldn’t give up; you needed to fight.

You swung your legs quickly, trying to hit him in his manhood, but the lack of oxygen to your muscles made you weak. Your kicks evolved into small twitches as you began to see double. This is it, you’re going to die. This horrible freak is going to kill you.

“Now Al, how is she supposed try my delicious treats if she is dead?”

The so called ‘Al’ looked up at the strange, pink-haired man before him, loosening his tight grip on the scarf. You yanked at scarf quickly, loosening its secure hold around your neck. As soon at the scarf was loose, you gasped for air, sucking in as much delicious oxygen your body could handle.

“Whatever,” Al grunted, grabbing your hair and tugging you roughly behind him. Your legs slipped from under you, your knees now scrapping on the rough terrain below. You choked and gasped frantically, trying to figure out what was happening to you.

Alfred swung open the car door, throwing you roughly on the two back seats. You looked up half-lidded at the two males at the open door deciding your fate.

“I’m so excited!” the smaller male squealed, clapping his hands together. He leaned in the door, a psychotic ear-to-ear smile painted on his freckly face.

“I’m Oliver! Do you like cupcakes, poppet?” he asked, his sickening sweet breath washing over you. You gulped and nodded slowly, your toes curling in your shoes. The man seemed to like your response because he squealed in delight, his crazy blue eyes dancing all around your body.

“Hurry up!” Al demanded from behind Oliver, fiddling with his gun. “This bitch better be worth it ‘cause I’m getting real sick of your shit--“

Oliver pinched Al's nose tightly, his sharp nails digging into his tanned skin.
“That is no way to address a lady! What is your name, poppet?” Oliver asked, turning back to face you. You cowered in the corner of the backseat away from the two crazy men before you.

“Hmm, she is scared. Not to worry, my dear. I will sit back here with you!”

Oliver climbed in next to you, the crazy smile still plastered to his face.  You gulped and reached for the door handle, a spark of hope igniting in your heart. But all your hope seemed to disappear as the firm door handle remained clamped shut.

“Uh uh~ No escape for you my dear,” Oliver giggled, hand motioning for Alfred to get a move on. Alfred climbed into the front seat and started the ignition. You whimpered and began banging on the car window.

“Help me!” you screamed at the top of your lungs. “Somebody please, help me!”

“Shh,” Oliver cooed, placing a cold finger over your lips. You growled and sunk your teeth into his pale finger, earning a pained yelp from Oliver. The pink swirls in his eyes seemed to glow with anger, his large smile disappearing into a crazy snarl as his large hand collided with your soft cheek.

“It’s not nice to bite!” he tutted, grabbing your hair and pulling you close to his lips.

“Don’t do that again,” he whispered darkly into your ear, “or I won't be so kind next time.”

You wriggled out of his deadly grasp and backed up against the window. You clawed at the cold glass, fat tears rolling down your cheeks. You should have listened to your mother when she explained this stuff to you 100 times. You should have paid more attention to your father when he taught you how to fight back these kinds of creeps. You shouldn’t have been so oblivious and stupid. You shouldn’t have...

“Shh poppet, do not cry,” Oliver cooed from next to you. “I will not hurt you; I just want you to try some of my delicious goodies!”

“You say that to every one of your victims,” Al snorted from the front seat, his scarlet eyes glaring at you in the rear view mirror. “And what happens to them? They end up dead in a ditch on the side of the road.”

Al flashed you a devious smile in the mirror.

“Please let me go,” you gasped, “please, I’ll do anything!”

“I’m sorry dear, but I cannot let you escape. You’re mine now,” Oliver smiled, the pink swirls in his eyes glowing again. You whipped around and began to scream again, kicking the door with all your force.

“Shut that bitch up, she’s gonna wreck my ride!” Al growled from the front seat. You kicked harder at the window, causing a thin crack to form under your feet. Yes, this is great! You kicked the cracked glass harder, causing more thicker cracks to appear.

“Screw this,” Al growled, stepping down on the gas pedal hard. The roar of the engine filled the car, over powering your screams. Your kicking slowed as the scenery flew past the cracked window, causing your head to spin.

Suddenly, Al spun the wheel sharply, causing you to smash roughly into Oliver. You gasped as Oliver’s cold, pale fingers clamped down on your shoulders, holding you firmly in place.

“Just take us home, Al,” Oliver said coldly to the cackling red head in the front seat. You tried to break loose from Oliver’s deadly grasp, but every time you wriggled, his sharp nails would sink deeper into your tender flesh. You glanced up at your kidnapper, the shimmering tears still flowing down your cheeks.

“Please let me go. If you don’t, my father will find you and kill you!” you threatened, your voice cracking mid-sentence. Oliver smiled down at your nervous face, revealing his perfect white teeth. He placed an icy finger over your mouth again. You opened your jaw, ready to clamp down on his flesh, but his psychotic stare stopped you.

“I don’t think your daddy will find you, dear,” he giggled, squeezing your sore cheeks. “As I already said, you’re mine. There is no escape for you!”

You felt like you were going to puke at this sick man’s words. Suddenly Oliver glanced up, his large smile growing even more in size.

“Ah! Home sweet home,” he sighed, loosening his grip on your shoulders. You took this quick opportunity to climb off of this crazy multicoloured Brit and reach for his door handle. You growled in delight as the door swung open, revealing the moving gravel below. You scrambled over Oliver, ready to jump out of the door, but a sharp pull by your ear flung you roughly on your back.

“Tut tut, you mustn’t do that, poppet!” Oliver cooed sweetly through his clenched teeth as he slammed the door shut. He dug his sharp nails into your ear, making you cry out in pain. His smile returned as he pinched your soft ear harder, earning a loud whimper from your sore throat.

“Music to my ears!” he sang. The car slowed to a stop and Al climbed out quickly, making his way to the back door.

“Now, give me my $300,” Al said, eyeing you up and down with his intimidating scarlet eyes.  Oliver pouted at the tall, tanned male.

“No, you need to carry her in! I do not want any scratches on my delicate skin,” Oliver replied, slowly climbing out around Al. Al cursed filthy words under his breath as he reached in for you.

“Can I at least tie the scarf around the bitch so she won’t scream?” he asked, snatching your scarf from the dirty floor.

“Okay, just don’t kill her!” Oliver sang, making his way towards the small house. You cringed at his words, cowering in the corner of the cold car.

“Now, make this easy for me. That bastard ain’t stopping me from killing you right here, right now,” Al growled, grabbing you roughly by the feet. You gripped onto whatever you could, kicking Al frantically. Al growled with anger and wrapped his large, tanned fingers around your ankle. With one, swift pull; you were pulled right out of the car onto the cold gravel.

Al quickly reached down and wrapped the scarf tightly around your neck, copying his earlier actions and pulling the ends tight. You gasped and clawed at Alfred’s face, grabbing his sunglasses and throwing them towards the nearest bush.

“You little bitch!” Al screamed, his large fist colliding with your nose. You yelled in pain, hot tears beginning to form in your eyes again.

“Let me go!” you screamed, or choked, as you pulled at the tight scarf. This was pure torture. How could these men do something so terrible to you?

“Hurry up, Al!” Oliver sung cheerfully from the door way. Al quickly grabbed your hair, yanking you roughly behind him. You kicked and choked as the cold, wet ground stained your now soaking pants.

Your knees smashed into the door frame, making you whimper in pure pain and distress.

“Uh, yes!” Oliver cooed, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. “Just tie her up to that chair in the kitchen Al, then you insistence will be no longer needed.”

“Good. Little fucking bitch broke my sunglasses,” Al snorted, giving your hair another yank. You hissed in pain as you scratched at his hand, but it was no use. Al's grip tightened around your hair as he roughly dragged you across the floor towards the firm chair that stood in the middle of the kitchen.

As soon as you entered the warm kitchen, the warm, delicious scent of baked goodies filtered through your nostrils, causing your stomach to growl. You sobbed quietly as Al placed you roughly in the chair.

“Tie her hands and legs up. We don’t want her escaping now, do we?” Oliver cooed from the doorway. You whimpered as Al pulled the ropes around your wrists and ankles, giving you a painful case of rope burn. After about five minutes of tying, Al stood back, studying his work with pride.

“Done. Money, now,” Al chanted rudely, shoving his large hand in Oliver’s face. Oliver reached into his pocket and fished out the green paper, not taking his large, crazy eyes off of you once.

“Here you go~” he sang, clapping the money into the impatient American’s hand and pushing him aside.

“Now, poppet, it’s time to play!” Oliver giggled, taking an excited step towards you. Al smirked deviously at you, before disappearing out the door way. You twitched around in you restraints, the rough rope rubbing against your sensitive skin.

“Please...” you sobbed, “please let me go. Please! I won’t tell anyone! Please...”

Oliver leaned over you, his cold lips only inches away from yours.

“I’m sorry, poppet, but you cannot be trusted,” he whispered, his bright blue eyes boring into yours. You swallowed that painful lump in your throat as you stared into those empty cold eyes with little pink swirls.

“Now, are you hungry?”

You shook your head slowly. Oliver pouted.

“Why not?” he whined, his eyes still only inches from yours. You slowly shook your head again, a fat tear leaking from your eye and travelling down your bruised cheek. Oliver’s pink tongue poked out from his lips and slid up your wet cheeks, licking up the remains of your sadness.

“There is no need to cry,” he cooed, swallowing your salty sadness. He leaned up slowly, his cold eyes still connected with yours and another huge smile stretched his lips and dimpling his freckled cheeks. He clasped his hands together and rubbed them quickly, his crazy eyes glazed with excitement.

“Now, let’s eat!” he cheered, tip toeing over to an oven. He slipped a couple of bright oven mitts over his pale fingers, humming a familiar song. The song you were listening to when you were grabbed. And, maybe, the last song you will ever hear.

“Uh-huh!” he cheered as he pulled out a tray of multi-coloured cupcakes out of the hot oven. You watched with large, terrified eyes as he placed the tray on a nearby table.

“Okay poppet! Which of my delicious cupcakes would you like to try first? I made them just for you!”

You shook your head quickly. There is no way you’re going to eat any of those, even though they looked good. Really good...

Oliver picked up a steaming cupcake smothered with (fave colour) icing, taking a quick lick with his pink tongue before kneeling in front of your trembling body.

“Open wide!” he giggled as he neared the sweet-smelling cupcake towards your pursed lips. You shook your head frantically, trying desperately to escape the tight restraints.

“Open,” Oliver said firmly as he neared the cupcake closer, the warm icing rubbing against your lips. You pursed your lips even tighter until they disappeared into a thin line. Oliver growled at your terrified face and reached forwards, his cold fingers clamping down roughly on the hinges of your jaw.

“Open!” he growled as he squeezed your jaw. You whimpered in pain as he forced your mouth open with his pointy fingers.

“There we go~” he sang as he began to push the warm cupcake through your slightly parted lips. When you didn’t bite down, he shoved the sweet cupcake further into your small mouth.

“Mm,” he hummed as he continued to push the whole cupcake into your choking mouth, paper and all. Tears streamed down your cheeks as he pushed hard on your chin, clamping your jaw shut over the cupcake.

“Now chew, poppet. You don’t want to choke,” he whispered as he held your mouth shut. You choked as hot pieces of cupcake lodged in your throat, and clumpy salvia dribbled down your chin.

“Tut tut, that is no way for a lady to eat!” he tutted, grabbing a nearby towel and rubbing your messy face. You dug your nails into the palm of your hands and curled your tongue, spitting out the moist, clumpy remains of the cupcake. Oliver grabbed your chin, his furious eyes connecting with yours.

“Now why did you spit it out?” he asked through his teeth. You shook your head, trying to escape his deadly cold grasp. A sudden loud smack startled you, causing you to whimper loudly. Oliver leaned forward and placed his cold lips against your red, throbbing cheek.

“Each time you spit it out, your punishment will grow worse,” he giggled, giving your sore cheek a quick kiss.

“Now, poppet! You’re going to eat all of those cupcakes,” Oliver smiled, pointing to the fresh batch of steaming goods, “or the consequences will be severe.”

You gulped at his words. There is no way you could escape this mad man. You were trapped. You were either going to choke to death on those warm cupcakes, or die young with a knife in your belly.

No, you mustn’t think like that! There is always a way out, you just need to think hard. No matter what, no matter how hard it will be, no matter how much pain you will have to endure, you will escape this psychotic man. You will escape.
The full title is suposed to be "There's Always Time For a Cupcake Part 1" but it's too long, brb crying :iconcryforeverplz:

Anyway~ My first 2p! x Reader! I don't usually like 2P stuff, but I decided to give it a try. My bad if I mucked up their personalitys; I don't usually read any 2p things because they're gross and I hate these kind of x readers. But hey, um... Yeah.

:iconchinaxdplz: This is a long chapter... I was going to make it a full story, but it would be waaay to long! I also made reader-chan fight back a lot, because, I mean, come on! I hate fanfics were the reader doesn't try to fight back at all, or gives up too easily >.>

Anyway, enjoy!

Part 2 ~…
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