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April 20, 2013
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America X Reader      

You collapsed onto your bed. It was a long hard week at work and you were glad it was Friday. After throwing on the first thing you saw in your closet, you slip under your bed covers and breathe out a deep sigh.

Suddenly a bright light flooded your dark room, you moaned and reached over to your bedside table and grabbed your phone. You smiled when you saw your childhood friend's goofy contact picture. Alfred was his name, and he always made you laugh even in the toughest times. You tapped select and a message fully written in capitals appeared on your screen.


You giggle and tapped away at your keys.

“Sure, sounds like fun (:“.

Within an instant you got a reply.


“k”. You placed down your phone and snuggled back into your pillow.



You groaned and snuggled deeper into your bed sheets.


You cussed and pulled yourself out of bed and walked like a zombie to your front door.  You opened your door and before you knew it your face was being crush against someone’s chest. You struggled and pulled away and looked up at the person face. “Alfred? What are you doing here?” You scratched your head and yawned. “Dudette! Park! Remember!?”

“What?” You looked up at him again to see he was looking down. You followed his gaze to your body. Oh God why. All you were wearing was a tight t-shirt and your underwear.
“U-uh, it was hot last night!” You squeaked, blushing. “Suuuure it was” Alfred replied and gave you a wink. You blushed more and headed towards your bedroom. Alfred wolf whistled from behind you. You giggled and disappeared into your room. Usually if any guy did anything like that to you, you would punch their face in, but Alfred, he was different. You don’t know why, but you kind of liked it when he flirted with you.

“Um, (name) , it’s like half past ten, we’re kinda running late so can you hurry it up a bit?” He called from outside your bedroom. “I am!” you growled back as you tried to tame your crazy bed hair.


You walked towards Alfred’s Mercedes. You had no Idea how he was able to afford such a flash car, must be his job or something?  You ran your fingers along the bonnet and to the door handle. Alfred must have been watching you because you heard a chuckle behind you, then a strong  arm wrapped around your waist.  “Beautiful, ain’t she?” He got a better grip of your waist and turned you to face him. “But not as beautiful as you, _______”.
You stared into his big blue eyes, completely dumbfounded. You knew he was only playing with you, but it still embarrassed you.

“Yo-you’re so cheesy Alfred!” you stuttered, turned your face away from him. “You bet I am!” He let go of you and skipped over to the driver’s side of his car and got in and you followed. Alfred inserted the keys into the ignition and the car started up with a loud rev.  “Sweet! Let’s go!” He said as he pulled out of your driveway and sped down your road towards the theme park.


After about ten minutes of Alfred driving up and down the huge crowded car park trying to find a available spot, you finally found one right by the main gate. “Well, that’s convenient” You mumble as you climb out of your seat.
“Come on________!!  Let’s get a move on!  Man, Arthur is gonna be pissed at me for being so late!”  He grabbed your hand and pulled you forward and you both made your way to the main gate. Alfred paid for both the tickets which you said ‘no’ to about 100 times. Man, that boy does not listen. You followed close behind Alfred, hand in hand as he led you to his group of friends.

You both ended up by a crowded outdoor café. Alfred scanned the huge crowds of people for his friends. “ALFRED! OVER HERE YOU GIT!” Alfred spun around towards the voice and waved. Suddenly he turned back and grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the group. “Hey guys!” He yelled.

“Where the bloody hell were you? We’ve been waiting for ages…” the man’s sentence died out when and his green eyes flickered towards you. The British man cleared his throat and looked towards Alfred again. “W-who is that?” He asked, and looked towards you again. You started to feel nervous having the whole group looking at you.

“This is my buddy, ________!” He chirped as he grabbed your shoulder and pulled you close to him. A tall man with deep purple eyes got up and stretched out his hand towards you. “Nice to meet you ________, my name is Ivan!”. He had a huge smile on his soft face.

“Um, hi….” You leaned closer towards Alfred, feeling a bit shy. “Ohonohnon~ I’m  Francis! And can I just say zat you are beautiful!”  The Frenchman took your hand and kissed it. Alfred pulled you away a little bit. “Why don’t I just introduce you to everyone? Over there is Yao Wang!” He pulled you closer and whispered in your air “He’s Chinese”

You shivered and gave him the ‘no shit’ look. He smiled and looked back up. “That’s Ludwig and Feliciano” He pointed to a small Italian boy devouring a plate of pasta and a tall German man standing behind him, giving him a disapproving look. “That’s Kiku Honda”. kiku smiled at you and returned the gesture. “And that grumpy British man over there is Arthur!”

Arthur scowled at him then turned to you and shook your hand. “I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, _________”. “I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, _______!” Alfred mimicked his British friend with a whiny high-pitch voice. “I DO NOT SOUND LIKE THAT YOU BLOODY GIT!” Arthur roared up at Alfred. Alfred burst out laughing and roughed up Arthurs hair. “Don’t worry lil buddy! Just playin’ with you!”. Arthur crossed his arms and turned away.

“What do you wanna do now, _______?” Alfred asked looking down at you. “Yah hungry? You didn’t have any breakfast…”.  “Okay” You replied with a smile and you and Alfred made your way over to the café. Whilst waiting in line, a roller coaster with many screaming people flew over your heads. “Woaah! Hey ______!  Can we please go on that when we’re done eating!?”

“No.Way.” You replied and crossed your arms. “Pleeeaaasssseee _________” He begged pulling your arm. You turned to face him. Big mistake. He looked at you with huge sad blue eyes. You blushed and looked away. “FINE! but then I get to choose the next ride!”  “Woohoo!” He picked you up in his strong arms and spun you around in a circle. “Thanks ______! You’re the best!”

You gulped and looked up and the twisting roller coaster above you. Why the HELL did you just say yes?!
My first Reader insert! I'm so sorry if there is any spelling mistakes... i'm not the best at English. :iconmrs89fluffy: helped a bit with the intro! It actually started off being a England X Reader, but i think it suited America best!
I'm sorry about the Chinese bit, I just love China's name. It's like... so stereotypical! Well, I guess every name on Hetalia is stereotypical... lol
I will make a part 2 so don't worry! I didn't want this to be too long!
i do not own Hetalia!
Part 2- [link]
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When Francy pants did the hand kiss thing, I would have beat the shit outta him. But in real life all I did was this...flail plz 
Oshaco Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014
This is sweet and funny!
MariHadALittleLambo Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL At the England part I was thinking it could work as an Englad X Reader and then I read the description XD
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America is too cute~ :3
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sorry can I ask where you are from,sorry you said you were'nt good at english love the story
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