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June 28, 2013
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*Warning! Small amount of violence!*

(You're a neko (cat ears and tail, but the rest of you is human!)

A pair of strong hands collided with your chest, pushing you back up against the damp brick wall. You hissed in pain and pulled your cat-like ears back in an angry manner. You could also feel your lips instinctively pull back, revealing your sharp canines. You regret taking this shortcut home already.

You had had a long, stressful day at work. Business had been booming lately, and your boss has been making you work over time. It was really taking a toll on you; getting up in the morning was getting close to impossible.  All you wanted to do now is get home and sleep, and maybe eat a little chocolate?

Obviously you’re not going to get home as early as you thought.

“Let go off me!” you commanded, trying to so sound firm, but your voice still wobbled with some uneasiness. The stranger chuckled at your frightened face, revealing his disgusting rotting teeth.

“You know,” he breathed, his foul breath making you gag. “A young freak like you shouldn’t be walking around these parts of town.” His dark eyes flickered up to your angry ears.

You flinched slightly at his harsh words. You hated people calling you a freak. Your tail and ears were awesome! And no one could tell you otherwise.

“And an old man like you shouldn’t even be walking. Go back to bed, Grandpa,” you snapped back. The old man’s broad nose twitched ever so slightly, but his sickening smile never faded from his sagging face.

“I would watch your mouth if I was you. Do you know what old men like me do to young freaks like you?” the man questioned. You could already feel the bile rising in your throat. This is one sick old man.

“And do you know what young freaks like me do to old men like you?” you hissed and leaned in for his neck. He smelt like he hadn’t bathed in weeks, so you held your breath as you sunk sharp teeth into his wrinkled flesh.

“Argh!” he growled. His huge fist connected with your ribs, making your breath hitch and your eyes prickle with hot tears.

“Bastard,” you growled back. You twisted your face in disgust at the strong taste of copper that swirled around your tongue. You looked back up at the man. He looked furious now, his dark eyes now sparkling with hate.

“Bad move,” he spat. You spat back at him, showing him you weren’t afraid. You knew what he was trying to do to you. Most girls would just let him; give up and let him over power them. But you were different. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you’re weak!

“Shut up, old man!” you cried, kicking your legs violently. His eyes widened as he tightened his grip on your small wrists. You aimed for his manhood, but your sharp knee only smacked into his thigh, not doing much damage at all.

He copied your idea and smacked his huge knee into your womanhood with tremendous force. You whimpered in pain as a warm tear escaped your eye and traveled down your cheek, leaving a glistening trail behind it. The man grinded his rotting teeth together as he stared at your pained face. You were trouble and he knew it. You weren’t as easy as his other prey, so he had to think quickly. If he wanted to get his way with you, he’d have to take this a step further.

The man reached down and buried his hand in the deep pockets of his trench coat. You sucked in a sharp breath, hoping to the corners of the earth and back that he was not reaching for a certain object that belonged in the kitchen.
His eyes flickered back up to meet yours, his hand still digging around for his desired object. He saw your terrified face and smirked - his pale lips pulling up into a proud smile.

You could feel your heart thumping inside you, as if it wanted to burst straight out of your chest and escape.

Your eyes darted back to his rummaging hand. All your terrible nightmares late at night became reality when you saw a quick flash of silver.

“No,” you whispered. You could feel the blood drain from your face as he lifted the sharp blade up to the soft flesh of your neck. You gulped loudly, your small Adam’s apple grazing along the thin, sharp edge.

“Aw, what’s wrong? Is the little freak scared now, eh?” The man threw his head back and let out a monstrous laugh. You felt a spark of hope ignite in your heart. This man couldn’t get any more stupid.

Within a flash your tight fingers were clenched around the handle of the blade, trying desperately to pry his fingers away from the dangerous object. His loud laughing stopped immediately as he struggled with the blade. The only sounds in the alley way now were your quick breaths and his low, angry grunts.

You fought for that blade with all your might, tearing scratching and even biting his fingers to gain dominance, but it just wasn’t enough. He had the upper hand and edged the blade closer to your soft skin.

The sickening sound of a blade slicing through flesh made you freeze.

You and the man just stared at each other, standing completely still. His dark eyes grew cloudy and his thin lips slightly parted. Did he just stab you? Funny... you didn’t feel anything.

Suddenly the man’s horribly wrinkled face crumpled in pain. His loud cry echoed throughout the dark alley as he leaned in towards you, pinning you heavily against the damp wall. You gasped violently for air as he crushed your lungs, squeezing the air out of them and making you choke.

“Get off of me!” you screamed. With all the strength you had left, you kicked the rag-doll like body as hard you could. You even surprised yourself when he flew off you and smacked into the other side of the alley way. There you lay, the cold floor making your back ache. You just didn’t have the strength to move anymore.

Maybe the man really did stab you? You tried to feel your body, but another strong hand caught your wrist and took you by surprise.  You blinked at the new, unfamiliar face that kneeled over you. His handsome features grew more worried and his soft lips moved quickly, but you still could not catch a single world that spilled from his lips.

He was indeed handsome. He had big blue eyes that reflected the dim street lights that surrounded you both. You could almost see yourself in his shimmering eyes, and boy, did you look like shit.

“I want to go home,” you mumbled. You could feel a slight pain to your lower abdomen and it made you whimper. You really did want to go home. Why won’t this new sandy-haired stranger go away and stop touching you?

You could faintly hear the stranger’s words now directed at someone else. He held his hand up to his ear, and his soft lips moved when he pronounced the words. You could slightly make out words like “Ambulance” and “an old man”.

You didn’t want to listen anymore. You wanted to sleep. Your heavy eyelids slid down over your tired eyes as you fell into a deep slumber.
This is a request by :iconedwardelric2013:
Yeah, i know, this story is not very original >.>
She asked me to write a story where "America finds neko reader-tan in the alley half-dead/unconcious and bleeding. he picks her up and takes her to his house"
I hope this is good enough! I know you asked for a series, and i said no, but i feel nice today! So I'll made this into a mini series! :)

Part 1 ~ You're here!

Part 2~ [link]

Part 3 ~ [link]

Part 4 ~ [link]
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