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July 18, 2013
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Canada x Reader

“You want me to what!?”

You stared at your Canadian friend, shocked by his words. His thin lips curved up into a small smile as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“But ________, it is fun! We do it every new year!” he said, his voice just above a whisper. Your eyes flickered back over to the shimmering icy lake. A group of people gathered around a small cliff that descended into the deep blue water.

“T-that’s crazy!” you gasped, looking back towards Matthew. He wasn’t possibly being serious, was he?

“It’s like a Canadian tradition every new year! We strip down to our underwear and jump into the water!” he said, his voice coated with excitement. “Will you please do it with me? It’s not that bad, I promise!”

You gulped. It was an extremely stupid idea, but it did sound a bit fun. You shivered as the cold, dry air blew against your red cheeks. If the air is this cold, how cold is the bloody water?!

“Please?” Matthew asked again “It’s really fun.” You looked into his glistening blue eyes and sighed, knowing that you could not say ‘no’ to that face.

“Alright! But, if I die, it’s your fault!” you giggled. Matthew’s face lit up immediately as he reached down and entwined his finger with yours. His hand was so warm and soft; it felt like you were holding silk. You both laughed together as you ran to the large group of people all stripped down into their underwear. You eyed one handsome looking man as he knelt at the side of the lake, ready to jump.

“Three! Two! One!!”

The man puffed out his cheeks and with one, fluent jump, he disappeared under the freezing blue water, leaving a violent ripple-effect behind. You stared in disbelief as he arose to the surface, his lips a light shade of purple. There was also the fact that he was squealing like a child, saying something about his ‘balls freezing off’.

“Oh my God, Mattie,” you mumbled. Matthew tightened his grip around your hand and pushed his glasses back up his nose.

“It feels amazing afterwards, like a huge adrenaline rush,” he stated, not taking his blue orbs of the icy water. You gulped and followed his gaze to the man struggling to swim in the below freezing water. No wonder he was screaming, it must hurt like hell!

“Are you ready?” he asked, turning to face you. You stared at him.

“What? Now?” you choked. “Don’t we need to change first?”

“No, we can just jump in our clothes! Just take off your jacket,” he said, already beginning to undo his warm jacket. You copied his actions and began to undo your own jacket, taking your time with each button and zip. Matthew leaned forwards and helped you with the last few buttons, thinking you were struggling. You blushed slightly as he slipped the warm jacket of your shoulders, making eye contact the whole time.

“Are you ready?” he growled with excitement. You had never seen him so excited before, you could almost see the adrenaline pumping through his veins.

“You’re crazy Mattie, do you know that?” you laughed as you reached for his hand. If you’re going to die, then you might as well die whilst holding on to your best friend. You smiled at him, feeling your own heart beginning to pump with thick adrenaline.

“Ready, eh?” he asked again, tightening his grip around your warm fingers. You nodded slowly, your heart now thumping around in its home. Matthew took a step closer to the lake, but you stayed put. He looked over his shoulder at your terrified face.
“Please do not be so scared. It’s not scary,” he said smoothly, turning around to face you. You contorted your face at his words.

“Not scary? Then why am I so scared right now!” you cried. Matthew took a step closer to you, your faces now inches from touching. You gulped as his warm, sweet breath tickled your face.

“Please trust me,” he whispered. You nodded quickly, your face now burning like hot coal. Without anymore words escaping his lips, he turned around and stepped towards the mouth of the deep lake. You followed his actions hesitantly, your breath hitching with each gasp for cold air. Everyone around the lake was now cheering you two on.


You gulped and bit your lip.


Matthew tightened his grip around your fingers. You could feel your hands beginning to sweat, but Matthew didn’t seem to care. Suddenly, Matthew turned to you, a large pink blush spreading around his cheeks and nose.

“I love you!”

Wait. What?


Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The feeling of your feet leaving the cold snow. The way the chilly wind brushed past your cold nose and ears. That intense stinging feeling when your feet hit the icy water. Being engulfed by the freezing swirling liquid and sinking down...down...down...

You opened your mouth to scream, but the arctic water rushed into your mouth and down your throat, making you gag and choke.  You couldn’t swim. You kicked your legs frantically, trying to get the surface, but you just flopped around like a drowning snake. You needed air, and quick.

“Maafffew!” you choked under the water. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea because more of the freezing water traveled down your throat. You had never felt anything so intense before in your life. The way the water swirled against your skin sent sharp electric shocks of energy up your spine. Your heart was now beating so fast you were sure it was going to burst straight out of your chest.

Suddenly, a sharp pull brought you higher and higher to the surface. You could feel the pressure decrease as you squeezed that hand. It was so soft, so it had to be his hand. You had never been so happy to feel his fingers around yours.

Your head broke the surface of the water and you gasped violently for air. Your whole body ached with each small movement. You whipped around in the water to see Matthew smiling at you, having no problem staying above the surface. You were having some troubles though, and your nose sunk under the water again. You tried to breathe, but your nose only blew out large bubbles.

Matthew wrapped a strong arm around you, pulling you close to his body. You buried your face into his neck as he struggled to swim back to land, your added weight making him slowly sink. Luckily, some people on the side helped pull you out onto the snow.

Your teeth rattled together as the cold liquid dripped from your nose. You felt like you were dying a slow and terrible death. Matthew wrapped a soft towel around your shoulders and began to rub them quickly, trying to warm you.

“That wasn’t that bad, eh?” he asked softly. You turned around and glared at him.

“That was terrible! I felt like I was drowning!” you cried, lightly hitting his chest. He smiled down at you, his wet blonde hair dripping with cold water.

“But did it feel good? Do you feel it?” he said, his eyes glazed with pride. You stared at him, confused by his words.

“The adrenaline,” he said, his breath warming your freezing face. You suddenly understood what he meant. You could feel the urge to do something even more stupid each time your heart bet. Something crazy. Something foolish.

You wrapped your arms around Matthew’s cold neck, pulling him down into a hungry kiss. You nibbled his slightly purple lip, feeling more alive than ever. Matthew was right; this is amazing! Matthew was frozen stiff, maybe because he was cold, or maybe because you were nibbling at his face. Eventually, Matthew accepted the kiss, and gently nibbled your bottom lip in return, his lips curving into a large smile. He tasted delicious; he was sweet, but not a sickeningly sweet. It made you hungrier than ever.
You could hear the other watchers cheering you two on, and making hilarious dirty remarks.

“You know what, Mattie?” you said deviously, disconnecting your lips from the blushing Canadian’s ones. “I think I love you too.”

And with that, your hands collided with his hard chest, pushing him back into the freezing cold water, and you following close behind.
Yeah, this is really cheesy...

My first Canada X Reader! My mum is Canadian, and she told me about these crazy Canadian traditions, and this one sparked my interest. It is so awesome! Me and my friend wanted to give it a try, so we jumped into the swimming pool at my house a couple of days ago to test this out and so I could feel what it is like! (Middle of winter of here in New Zealand) (OMG I did this for you, reader-chan!) The explanation is what I felt! Oh lawdy it was terrible :iconbawplz:

But it did feel amazing too. You feel so pumped afterwards! I read somewhere that it is actual good for you to do jump into cold water like that sometimes. Get's the blood pumping, you know? XD You can read more about it here! -

Anyway, I think Canada would be confident like this in his own country, you know? Because his fellow Canadians recognize him! :) I hope you like this short oneshot!

I do not own Hetalia, Canada or you ;) You own Mattie's sweet arse though ;D

Cover picture -
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FeliciaVargas16 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
Hehe~!Mattie is just so perfect~ sighs dreamily
DinoKittyAndWolfGang Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Professional Artist
-3- i did this once and IT WAS SOO COLD D: I DIED XD jk i didn't die
ToXTheXArk Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
I can't swim...I would die if I tried this...

But amazing story! ^^
Poetry-Venting Featured By Owner Edited Sep 26, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
*jumps outta the water*  *runs around like a madwoman*


but you're MY crazy bitch...
KidLizPerfection Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
Oh that was awesome people need to write more story's like this and that really sounds fun I'll try it sometime
elyanaxlevilove Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
no not kid and liz it's not perfection!
Alice-cry11 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
oh i can tell you another one its called the winter change (or something ike that) you are to do it around the end of winter and yu are to stip down to underwaer (or shorts (and tanktop if a girl)) and jump into the snow then run back inside, you are also to video tape it ;) haha its happng right now on canadain face book kids they are doing it to frends lucky me i dont have face book
Radioactive-Angles Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Omg I'm Canadian and I love doing this with my friends every year! Whenever I had a sleepover or something like that, I still had my pool out even though it was winter and we would see who would wake up first, change into their bathing suits, and jump into the water. We would always stay in the water after we all jumped in and my Mom would always thing we're crazy.
But, hey!
The love of being a Canadian!
Butterfingas Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
Oh my God, that's awesome! ahaha I love Canadians, I visit Canada at least once a year because I love the country so much, but it's a 14 hour direct flight so it's pretty tiring, but definitely worth  it.
Radioactive-Angles Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Haha yeah.
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