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It was just a regular Saturday night for you. You were knelt next to a wriggling man, your sharp knee digging into a man’s back. You reached towards your belt, commanding that he lay still. Your fingers met a familiar metal texture in your belt. You grabbed the cuffs and roughly clipped them around the bawling man’s wrists, a content smile swiping across your lips.

The man screamed and cursed below you, but you silenced him with a knee in his side.
“Good job, Rookie,” your partner chimed above you. You gave him a sideways smirk, stepping off the cuffed suspect and harshly grabbed his shoulders, your Danish partner copying your actions with the other shoulder. With a sharp pull, the suspect was up on his feet and in the Police car within seconds.

You brushed yourself off, your fingers running over a delicate red bruise the man had caused on your arm.

“Scum,” you cursed under your breath. The man had hit a child crossing a cross walk and then took off in broad daylight. Luckily, the child had survived, but will have to live with a limp for the rest of their life. It made you sick to your stomach that someone could just hit an innocent child then speed off, leaving the injured youth in pain on the road alone. But you were also happy that this man was off the streets for now and in custody.

“Hey?” your partner, Matthias, chimed. You met his eyes to acknowledge his question, but his sideways smirk immediately gave off that it wasn’t going to be a serious one.
“You always look so hot when you arrest someone,” he said, his seductive voice filled with his Danish accent. He made an immature growling noise. “I love the way your bare your teeth!”

You waved off his snarky comment, but your lips couldn’t help but twitch.

“I should report you for sexual harassment,” you smirked. You sat in your usual driving seat of the police car, your thumbs messaging the steering wheel as Matthias radioed the station of your success. You frowned hard, trying to ignore the sobbing man in the back of the Police vehicle. God, you couldn’t wait until you slammed the jail bars in front of his wet, fat face.

“You know, our shift is off in 15 minutes,” Matthias said as you began to drive. You dipped your head. “You want to go get coffee after our shift is done?”

“We get coffee together every day after our shift,” you snorted matter of factly. “Why would I say no today?”

“Well,” Matthias said, copying your ‘matter of factly’ tone, but his strong Danish accent twisted his words into a joke. “I thought maybe we could try something different today.”


“Yes. I was thinking we could go-“

His voice was drowned out by formal voice through the speakers. You listen intently to the problem through the car radio.

A Domestic. You were the closest unit to the event, so with a flick of a switch, the colourful, loud sirens were off. You pressed your foot down on the accelerator, listening to the roar of the police car as it sped through swerving traffic.

“Dispatch says that a young woman, about 19, is being threatened by her older partner. Threatening to kill her and her 3 month old child,” Matthias said sternly, his immature attitude now transformed into a formal, concerned police officer. You stole a sideways glance at him. He looked straight ahead, his pink lips pursed into a thin line and his light brows down in an anxious frown.  It gave him a stern, handsome look, and the Police uniform was defiantly helping with the handsome part.

You watched the road intently as the other cars swerved off the road as you roared past. You always felt a little nervous when you were heading to a job. It was the feeling of the unknown, and that’s why you loved this job so much.

You pulled up at the small, run-down looking house. There were boxes and other unidentifiable rubbish littering the front yard, and a torn up paddle-pool hung over a fence. The man in custody in the back of the Police car seemed confused, but decided to keep his mouth shut. Good. It’s not often you have to put two different suspects from different crimes in the same car, but this call was urgent. Matthias gave you a small nod as you both left the car.

You and Matthias walked with caution up the path. You had your hand on your holster, the tips of your fingers on your taser. The feel of it buried your nervousness, but only by a fraction.

Matthias flexed his finger before slamming them repeatingly on the front door. No response.

“Open up, it’s the Police!” you called through the door. Still silence. You had no time to waste as you sped hurryingly around to the backyard, climbing a fence in the process. The back door was open, which was no surprise in this blearing heat. Matthias gave you a quick nod, his taser already pulled out and aimed as he went through the door first. You knew that other units were on their way, so you just needed to be extremely careful for just a while longer.

“Help me!” a feminine voice screamed. Matthias yelled something else, but it all happened so fast.

With a pull of a trigger, a loud gunshot filled the small, dirty house and neighbourhood like a wave. Without even a fraction of a second passing, your taser was out and aimed, your finger pulled back on the trigger. Two wires shot out of the taser, and by the time they hit the suspect, Matthias’ first scream had just left his mouth.

The offender joined in on the screams as he collapsed to the ground in a mess of twitches. You had no time to help Matthias, you needed to get the offender in cuffs. You kept the electricity flowing into the man as you stepped closer, screaming at him to put his hands behind his back.

He didn’t comply, so you let the electricity flow freely into his body until he did. It was only when he was about to pass out did he put his hands behind his back in a sobbing and screaming mess. You straddled him with your knees as you cuffed his wrists nastily.
You grabbed your Police Walkie Talkie and radioed in to the station.

“We have a Police Officer down!” you shouted, kneeling down next to Matthias. He was propped down on both knees, his torso hunched over in pain. Blood leaked from his shoulder. “Shots were fired and met the Police Officer’s shoulder!”

“We will send out an ambulance immediately,” a dispatch replied through your walkie talkie. “Is the suspect in custody?”

“Yes, the suspect is cuffed,” you said, almost running out breath. You could hear the distance ring of Police sirens. You watched as sweat dripped off of Matthias’ discomforted face, his eyes and nose scrunched up in excruciating pain. You wanted to help him. You wanted to take away the pain, but there was nothing that you could do but watch in horror.

“Matthias!” you snapped in his face. He lazily lifted his eyes to meet yours, his eyes clouded with pain. The bullet had just missed the bullet proof vest and hit him just where his arm meets his chest, an unguarded part. “You need to listen to me. Breathe.”

“I’ll kill all of you!” the offended screeched. You turned towards the man, who was struggling to stand up.

“Shut the hell up, or I’ll kill you, you hear? I’ll taze you until your eyes pop!” you yelled through gritted teeth at the man, who stopped in his tracks and lay perfectly still on the floor. You turned your concern back to Mathias, who was having trouble with breathing. You need to help him.

He grinded his teeth as his stare never left your eyes. You dramatically sucked in a deep breath, using your hands as emphasis for him to follow. He breathed in, but his breath hitched slightly. As he tried to control his breathing, you reached for a cloth in the kitchen and knelt in front of him again, applying pressure to the wound. He gasped and hissed, but let you do so.

“Thank you,” he breathed quickly. His line of sight connected with yours, and that jerky smile returned. “You look so hot when you do that.”

“Do what? Trying to save your life? Shut your face before I give you another wound,” you laughed, brushing some hair away that stuck to his sweaty face. You began to notice the colour pouring from his face. Was he going into shock? You pursed your lips and tried to remain calm.

“Are you cold?” you asked. He shook his head. “If you go into shock and die I swear to God! Please stay awake, okay?”

“Don’t worry, babe,” he chirped as happily as he could, but his voice was slow and slightly slurred.

“Don’t be an asshole,” you laugh half heartily. “Backup should be here soon-“

As if right on time, the yelling of men and woman filled the small house and other police officers poured in. The offender was roughly dragged out of the room, while other First Aid experts gathered around injured Matthias.

The victim and her child were found hiding in a small, compact cupboard. You had forgotten all about the victim, which you felt was unprofessional, but the Head Sheriff shook it off as nothing. He said you did a great job as he patted your shoulder.

“Will he be alright?” you asked the Head Sheriff as Matthias was taken away.  He gave you a sideways smile.

“He’s Matthias. That Danish cookie is as tough as rocks. Did you know one time at an after work  party, he managed to drink two whole Yard of Ales without chucking it up?!”
You burst out laughing. Yes, he should be fine.

~Time skip~

You walked down the glowing white corridor, the balloons you held bouncing as you walked. You hated the smell of hospitals. That bland, sterile smell always gave you chills. Before you even made it to your Danish mate’s room, his call echoed down the hall. You turned to meet his bandaged figure running down the bleached corridor.

“Mr. Kohler!” another voice called. “Stop running in the corridor immediately and get back to your bed!”

Matthias’ running slowed down, but he didn’t stop. He embraced you tightly causing you to let the balloons go. You watched as they hit the low ceiling.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” you asked as he gently pulled away. He did his infamous crooked smirk, his blue eyes lighting up with mischief.

“Awfully, but I like hugging you,” he said. Your lips twitched into a small smile at his quirky sense of humour. It was another reason why you loved your job so much. You roughed up his spiky hair as you handed him a box of chocolates and a ‘Get Well Soon’ card.

“Thank you,” he giggled, already opening the chocolates. You leaned forward and pressed your lips close to his ear, his once warm, bouncy body freezing still.

“How bout that coffee we arranged?”

You felt him smile.

“I was thinking something different. How about dinner?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Woah this is a short story I'm sorry I tried. I love the Police, and wish to join them when I turn 21. :iconprussiawinplz:
Anyway, I do not own denmark or Hetalia.

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