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The hard ice crunched under your feet as you trudged to your front door. It was snowing again, and you had had enough. Being stuck in all day was enough but when you actually do get to go outside, you had to walk through all that sludge that people called snow.

Your fingers touched the icy door knob and you flinched. You couldn’t wait to get out of this burning cold and onto your toasty bedroom. As you opened the door, the warm blanket of heat wrapped around you and you breathed out with a smile. This was more like it!

You tossed your schoolbag on the floor and went straight to the kitchen to whip up something to eat. As you neared closer to the fridge, you saw a bright yellow sticky-note stuck on the pantry door.

You ripped it off and studied the neat hand writing.

‘Gone to get groceries, please walk the dog. Wear gloves and scarf! And don’t forget your hat!’

You groaned and scrunched up the letter. You had just got home, but now you had to go back out into the freezing cold?

“Damn Dog...” you grumbled as you grabbed the leash and connected it to his collar. He looked up at you with big eyes and what looked like a grin. You scoffed, like a dog would be laughing at you! That’s crazy talk!

You put on your fluffy ski jacket and looked back at your dog. He turned his head and his pink tongue flopped out.

“Stop mocking me!” you growled, and then face palmed. Did you really just tell a dog to stop mocking you? You stretched your gloves on your fingers and wrapped your scarf tightly around your neck. Lastly, you placed your hat on top of your head and sighed.
You knew you must look like an idiot, but you really didn’t care. You wanted to get this done and dusted without being cold.

You grabbed hold of your dogs leash and opened the door. The cold wind hit your face and made your eyes water. You yanked your scarf a little higher over your nose and began wobbling like a penguin down the path.

“Just to the park and back. No more!” you looked down at your dog as he sniffled at a hedge. You were amazed how your dog didn’t care less about the cold wind rustling his coat. Or his paws for that matter!

As you wobbled further towards the park, your dog pulled at the leash.
“Stop it!” you growled as you lightly yanked him back. You kept walking forward, but your dog thought otherwise and started sniffling down a dirt path. You cussed as your dog dragged you along behind him.

“Stop it! Where are you going you crazy dog?!” you said through your teeth.
Suddenly your dog froze, ears alert as he sniffed at the air. You turned around and began to head back up the track where you came, but a sudden yank behind you flipped you on your back.

You hissed in pain as your dog dragged you on your back further down the muddy path.
“Stop!” you yelled, but your dog kept sprinting forward, pulling you behind him. The wet icy mud splashed your face and made you gasp. You felt the mud seep into your shoes and jacket.

Your dog barked loudly and began to run even faster. You flipped on your stomach and pulled his leash as hard you could.

“STOP!” you screamed, and your dog halted, but you kept sliding forward. You crashed into your dogs back legs and yelped.

“You stupid dog! You could have gotten me killed!” you roared as you wiped your nose. You felt blood trickle down your lip to your chin.

“Great!” you whined as you tried to wipe the blood “I’m bleeding out in the forest! Who knows what kind of blood thirsty creature is gonna come and-“

You froze.

Before you stood a creature you had heard all too much about. Heard how they wonder the forests looking for their next meal. Heard how they bite down hard on the neck of their pray, snapping the spine and tearing at the throat. There before you stood a mountain lion, Its pale, hungry eyes reflecting the snow around you. You heard a low growl emit from his throat as it licked its lips.

You felt a small drip of blood fall from your chin on to the snow. You followed the beast's eyes to the red snow in front of you. You knew they liked injured prey because it was less effort to catch. It knew you were injured. It knew you were terrified. It knew you were its pray.

The beast took a step closer to you and you tried to scramble away in the snow. You heard a deep growl above to you and looked up. Your dog was standing over you, its lips pulled back into a snarl.

Your eyes began to water. What were you going to do? There is no way just you and your dog could stand up to this creature alone. You needed help, and fast.

“Help!” you screamed as loud as you could. It echoed off the trees and into the distance.


“Help me please!” you screamed again.


Your dog barked once and it echoed off the trees for what seemed like forever. You looked past your dog’s feet to see the mountain lion trudging nearer. You managed to slide yourself a bit from out under your dog.

You knew no one was going to come. You were going to die. You were going to get your throat ripped out like on all those documentaries. You wrapped your arms around your dog and began to sob into his warm fur.

“This is it” you said between sobs. “I’m sorry I didn’t take you for walks all the time. I’m so so sorr-“

Suddenly the mountain lion leapt at you, roughly knocking you to the floor. Its heavy paws held you down as it neared closer to your neck.

“NO!” you yelled through your teeth as you punched it was all your strength. It didn’t even budge the slightest as it bit down your shoulder. You opened your mouth to scream, but nothing came out. A loud crunch echoed through the forest as a tear escaped your eye and flowed down your cheek.

You hit the beast again and again, screaming with all you had, but it just didn’t give up. Your eyes widened as it bit down harder on your shoulder.

Your vision grew fuzzy and your dog’s barks seemed to fade. Were you dying? You must be. You tried to raise your hand to hit the beast one last time, but your hand just flopped and landed softly on the top of its head.

You laid back and looked up at the cloudy sky. Little cold drops of snow landed on your cheeks and stung your eyes.

You kept staring at the fuzzy grey clouds, until something blocked your view. You frowned at the figure. It was touching your wrist and playing with your neck. Were you dead? Or was this just some bad dream?

Suddenly, a pair of strong arms lifted you up and held you close to something warm and hard. You snuggled into the warmth.  It kept vibrating, like it was talking. What was it saying? You tried to look up, but you yelped in pain.

“You’re going to be alright. Please stay vith me”

Your eyes widened as you tried to reply, but you only managed to choke on air.

“Are you avake? Don’t vorry, ze ambulance is coming"

“Arrrmghhh” is all you managed to mumble.

“Do you remember vat happened?”

“I-I-“ you gasped for air. The pain was coming back and your vision was clearing up. The memories flooded into your head. “I got mauled by a cougar!”

“Ja, but do not vorry. Ze cougar is gone now.”

“Where...What about my dog?” you started to twitch around the in his arms, searching for your companion. He was silent for a moment, and then spoke slowly.

“Your dog saved your life. He fought off zat cougar for a long time...”

“Where is he?!” you choked as the warm tears stung your cold cheeks.

“Vhat is your name ma’am? Mein name is Ludwig” his voice sounded panicked and stressed.

“My name is _______! Now where is my dog?!” you yelled as you fought to get out of his arms.

“_________.Please stop fighting!I'm trying to help you!"

"Just tell me where he is!" you yelled.

He took in a deep breath. “But I’m not going to lie. Your dog...he’s badly hurt...”

You couldn’t hold it anymore. You cried out in both pain and sorrow. If only you had paid more attention, this would not have happened. If only... if only...

Everything slowly went black as you passed out.




You groaned. What the hell was that annoying noise?! You’re trying to sleep here!



You let out another annoyed groan as you reached around for your alarm clock, eyes still sealed shut. Your hand collided with something hard and it collapsed onto the ground with a loud crash.

“__________?! Vat are you doing!?”

“Arrgh. The beeping was annoying me!” you mumbled, your voice was more rough than usual. Wait, who was this guy? And why was he in your room?!

You slowly opened your eyes to a blinding white light. You hissed as you tried to shield your eyes with your hand. You whimpered; why the hell was your shoulder so sore?

“Uh, be careful ___________, you’ve been hurt. Do you remember vat happened?” the strange man asked, his voice deep and serious.

You squinted at the outline of the man. He had broad shoulders and sleek blonde hair, but you couldn’t see any of the details of his face. You breathed out as you lay your head back down on your fluffy pillow.

“Do you remember vat happened?” he repeated, nearing closer to your side.  You blinked a couple of times at the ceiling, adjusting your vision. You turned to him and blushed; he was good looking! Actually, good looking would be an understatement. He was gorgeous!

“I-I uh…” you said quickly looking to the mess on the floor. “Is that a heart monitor?” you asked “Am I in the hospital?”

“Vell, it vas a heart monitor…” he chuckled deeply as he placed his hand over yours.

“__________, you got attacked by a cougar a few days ago. It bit down hard on your shoulder and shattered your collar bone.” His eyes flickered down to your bandaged shoulder “You’ve been in a coma for about 6 days. God zing i vas zhere at the time to help you. Mein name is Dr. Ludwig, I've been helping you while you were sleeping."

You scratched your head. A cougar attacked you? What the hell?

“I…I don’t remember anything…” you said weakly as you looked back up at him. His eyes were an icy blue, but yet they weren’t cold. There was something warm and gentle about his features.

“Your dog vas vith you vhile it happened-“

Your eyes widened as the memories flooded back into your mind. The snow! The cougar! Your dog!

“Where is my dog!?” you asked frantically as you tried to get out of bed. You whimpered when you leaned forward.

“________! Please calm down! You do not need to worry about him; He was taken away to ze vet and he iz zere right now as we speak! He vas in a much better condition zen you. So you need to calm down and just vorry about yourself right now!” he spoke loudly as he squeezed his hands into fists.

You stared at him for a while and then lay back down. Everything was quiet for a moment, until you turned to him and frowned.

"You saved my life..." you said softly.

“Vhat?” he asked a little shocked. You could almost swear there was a small blush growing across his cheeks.

“You’re Ludwig! You are the man that saved my life” you repeated as you reached for his hand. You gently placed your hand on top of his and he blushed.

“Vell, my dogs chased ze coug-“

You grabbed the collar of his doctor uniform and yanked him down roughly.  His soft lips connected with yours and you both blushed. He was frozen stiff, his eyes wide as he stared back at you. But then his eyes slowly flickered close as he softly kissed you back. You pulled back softly from the kiss and smiled up at him.

“Well, that’s probably nowhere near enough to pay you back for saving my life, but it's something," you looked down at the floor again, blushing.

"You don't need to vorry, zat vill be enough," he whispered, a scarlet blush spread on is soft cheeks.


Today was finally the day that you were leaving this boring white prison. Your sobbing parents came and visited you many times. They wanted to stay with you, but you refused because they needed to go to work.

Ludwig came to check up on you everyday, filling you in on how you were doing. He also went and paid your dog a visit. Your dog had lost a leg, eaten by the cougar, but they had built a special prosthetic leg for him.

Ludwig said he hopped around happily on it like nothing had ever happened. You weren’t sure if he was lying just to make you feel better or he was telling the truth. It sounded too good to be true.

You had gotten to know him quite well and had learned a lot about him. You trusted him completely.  But he was no stranger to you. He was an amazing German gentleman that lit up your hospital room as soon as he entered.

"Are you going to come with me to get my dog?" you asked. He looked down at the watch on his wrist and smiled.

"Sure, it's my break now anyvay," he said, his lips still curved into a smile. Ludwig helped you with your bags as you climbed into his car.

You both pulled out of the hospital car park and onto the main road.

“So are you glad to be leaving zere?” he asked whilst looking at you at the corner of eye.

“Oh yes! Freedom at last!" you raised your arms excitingly, but them whimpered. Your collar bone was still a little bit sore and you had to take some pills every day to help with the healing, but apart from that you were glad to be out of there.

"I'm so glad to finally go see my dog!" you said cheerfully. You missed him dearly and hoped he would still remember you.

“Ja” is all Ludwig said as he concentrated on the road. He was a little awkward around you, blushing every so often when you said something flirty to him. But the blushing made him ever so cuter. You were starting to wonder if he could be feeling the same way about you that you felt about him.

You fiddled with your seat-belt and nibbled your cheek as you pulled into the car park of the vets. Your stomach was swirling and you felt a little dizzy. You had no idea why you were so nervous; maybe it was just the medication?

“Hey Ludwig…” you asked quietly as you looked down at your feet.

“Ja?” he asked as he pulled the keys out of the ignition.

“Do you think he will remember me? I mean, he hasn’t seen me in ages and-“

Ludwig placed his hand softly on your shoulder and smiled. “Please do not vorry __________. He vill remember you no matter vat. He loves you”

You looked up at Ludwig and smiled; he always knew how to make you feel better.
You took in a deep breath and stepped out of the car. Ludwig followed your moves and you both met at the front of his vehicle.

You both stared at each other for a moment then you smiled as you walked in together to the vet. You had to admit, Ludwig looked drop dead gorgeous in his doctors uniform.

“Um hey” you said to the lady behind the counter “I’m here to pick up my dog. My name is-“

“Uhh, you must be _________! Ludwig has told me so much about you!” the old lady chirped as she winked at Ludwig. Ludwig blushed and averted his eyes to a poster about cats on the wall.

“Is he okay?” you asked as you fiddled with your necklace “I mean, is it okay to pick him up now?”

The lady smiled at you as she tapped away on her phone. “Could you bring out ________’s dog now please?” she said politely. She motioned you to have a seat and you followed her command.

Ludwig took a seat next to you and fiddled with his fingers. "Don't look so vorried _____________, his new leg looks...cute"

You looked up at him and burst out laughing. You had never heard Ludwig use the name ‘cute’ before!

“Uh, I mean it makes him look strong!” Ludwig said quickly as looked back up at the kitten poster. You lightly punched his shoulder and smirked. “Oh don’t be so hard on yourself Ludwig! I’m just playing with yah!” you chirped as you looked up at the poster with him.

There were many different shapes and sizes of cats, even some that you’ve never seen before! You moved your lips as you read the words on the poster. You didn’t notice Ludwig staring at you.

“___________...” he whispered. You turned your head back down to him and blinked innocently.

Suddenly the door flew open and a loud bark filled the waiting room. You quickly turned your head to see your doggy running to you full speed. He did run a little lop sided now, but it didn’t matter. He was alive and so were you, and you were ever so grateful.

Your dog didn’t slow down as he got closer to you and leaped up, his wet tongue flopping from the side of his mouth. He crashed into you and you both collapsed to the ground. You seemed to forget completely about your sore collar-bone as you wrapped your arms around him tighter and he covered your face in his wet slobber.

“Oh I’ve missed you so much, you stupid stupid dog!” you laughed as the tears flowed down your cheeks. “Don’t you ever do that to me again! Listen to me next time!” you laughed as he licked your nose. He had patches were he had been shaved and many deep and painful cuts on his face, but he looked like he didn't even care as his wet pink tongue trailed all over your face.

You forgot all about Ludwig whilst hugging your companion. You looked up to see him looking down at you both, smiling. Your grabbed the bottom of his coat and yanked him down to the floor.

“___________!” he yelped as you pulled him close to you and kissed him. He was still for a moment, but then wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to his chest.

"____________... Ich liebe dich..." he breathed into the kiss.

You stared at him for a while, completely shocked. "You-you love me?" you asked and mentally kicked yourself. Of course he does! He just said it!

"I-I love you too Ludwig" you said quietly. It felt so right coming out of your mouth. You leaned up and kissed his blushing cheek.

“And you!” you cheered as you pulled your dog closer into the embrace. All three of you were a pile of hugs on the floor, getting strange looks from owners and occasional hisses from cats.

"Lets go home, eh?!" you cooed to your dog. He looked up at you with the same big eyes as before.

“I love you both. My two heroes” you laughed as all three of you left the vet, hand in hand and hand in leash.
:iconchocoloveplz: This was a request from :iconaworldofcandy:

I'm sorry! I'm not very proud of this... but hey, i guess it's something

And i had my dad proof read this! I mean, how cool is that?! :iconamericaxdplz: Even though he had no idea who or what is was! He kept asking "Why am i in the story? With a land-mass in Europe? Good story but it makes no sense."
:iconexcitedblushplz: Oh daddy~ You don't know anything about the sexy countries of Hetalia~
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Sk8rchic2000 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The only dog I have ever owned was runt dachshund, and I seriously doubt that something about the size of the spine of a book could fight off a cougar.  How did Peabody do that???  Especially seeing as he has been dead for almost five years....
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